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The European Rapid Chess Championship, Skopje 8th-9th of December 2018

The European Rapid Chess championship took place between December 8th-9th in Skopje. Four players finished tied for first with 10½ points out of 13: Valerij Popov (Russia), Andrey Esipenko (Russia),…

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The European blitz championship, Skopje 2018

The European blitz championship took place in Skopje between December 6th-7th. The 20 year old Russian grandmaster Vladislav Artemiev won with the impressive score of 18,5/22.
Blitz games are…

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The World championship match Carlsen-Caruana

The World championship match between the reigning champion, Magnus Carlsen and his challenger Fabiano Caruana, disputed between November 9th-28th in London, established an undesired record: all games at normal (classical)…

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